Portrait of Dame Lynne Brindley

Dame Lynne Brindley –

“Having a portrait painted was a great privilege and a completely new experience for me. However, it was a wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable process working with Hero, who took on board my wish that the portrait should capture a balance of approachability, inclusiveness and informal style, and give added confidence to our women students.

I was very fortunate to be able to come back to the College and see the portrait privately before it was mounted in Hall, which allowed me to admire in much greater depth the extraordinary detail and vibrancy of colour that Hero has achieved. It was of great importance to me, as the first female Master of Pembroke, that the artist commissioned for my portrait was a woman, and I hope that the result is enjoyed by many future generations of Pembrokians.”

Portrait of Dame Lynne Brindley for Pembroke College by Hero Johnson
Dame Lynne Brindley with her portrait by Hero Johnson